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Our slogan says, that's we do (or trying  :).  We are not very old, he he, but we know and enjoy old silent comedy movies with classical jokes, like slip on banana peels or pie in the face (this comedy is know as slapstick).  Slapstick is humor based on actions and ridiculous situations.

In our days, almost nobody (for not to say no one) makes this kind of slapstick comedy anymore... We know: comedy has evolved, but some of us still love the spirit of old silent comedy movies.  That's the reason we are trying to make comedy videos, episodes and short clips with sketches and situations of today, but trying to rescue and incorporate old slapstick jokes so famous in the past.

If you like situations with old slapstick jokes, we invite you to browse this site to find a video with your favorite slapstick joke or situation.  We are not professionals, but is an effort that we do as a tribute to comedy of the past.

In name of SlapstickFun Productions crew, we sincerely hope you like it!

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Although we only make videos with comic situations, using old slapstick gags, the material is for adults only and some videos could not be suitable for children or people under legal age.  If you are under legal age, please leave the site making click here.  Thanks for understanding!  If you browse this site, you are accepting that you are above legal age according your country laws.